Domestic Terrorism


Let’s take a moment and reflect on what happened this week.

As we all know, domestic terrorists attacked the US Capitol building.

As CNN, Bill Wier, and Cory Booker pointed out, the last time this happened was in 1812 when the British attacked the Capitol building. This time it was attacked by white Americans.


But we know this. We saw this coming. If you didn’t, you were just simply not paying attention. Over and over again Presidential Candidate, President Elect, President, and now Former President Donald Trump has incited violence against people and groups.

Vox published a time line reporting all of the times, from 2015 until the Capitol attack, that Trump has incited violence against different groups of people. The article is an interesting read and I won’t go through every incident (spoiler alert: its a lot), but I thought I would hit the highlights.

People have been using him to justify their violent actions for YEARS.

Vox reports:

August 19, 2015: Two Boston brothers invoked Trump when they were arrested for urinating on a homeless man and beating him with a metal pipe. While in custody, one of the brothers told the police, “Trump was right. All of these illegals need to be deported.” The 58-year-old Mexican American they assaulted was a permanent US resident.

Of course this famous line:

January 23, 2016: At a campaign rally in Iowa, Trump, in describing the loyalty of his supporters, notoriously said, “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.”

This frightening sentiment:

Trump would reiterate his support for waterboarding, a banned interrogation method. “They said to me, ‘What do you think of waterboarding?’ I said I think it’s great, but we don’t go far enough. It’s true. We don’t go far enough. We don’t go far enough.” At a February 6 Republican debate in New Hampshire, Trump said he would “bring back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding” if he were elected president.

His Muslim ban:

January 27, 2017: On the day the Trump administration instituted a ban against travelers from seven predominantly Muslim countries, a Muslim Delta employee wearing a hijab was physically and verbally attacked at JFK International Airport in New York. The perpetrator told the victim “[Expletive] Islam. [Expletive] ISIS. Trump is here now. He will get rid of all of you,” according to ABC. On the campaign trail, Trump said he was open to the idea of closing mosques and creating a database of all Muslims in the US, consistently saying that Muslims were a “problem” and a “sickness.”

August 5, 2019: A 39-year-old Montana man was charged with felony assault for choking, slamming, and fracturing the skull of a 13-year-old boy who didn’t take his hat off for the national anthem. The man’s attorney told the local newspaper that Trump’s “rhetoric” led to the violent act. “His commander in chief is telling people that if they kneel, they should be fired, or if they burn a flag, they should be punished,” the lawyer said, referencing Trump’s harsh words against athletes like Colin Kaepernick who protested for social justice.

That is a TINY SAMPLE of times he has incited violence in the last six years.

(Oh! Happy New Year! Surprise! All of the problems of the previous year do not magically disappear when the year begins anew. Time is a construct ppl).

The Capitol Police say that they had no idea that this was going to happen.


This has been planning for MONTHS. Did you see how many people showed up? This was a coordinated effort that had been planned for months in advance. People came in from Hawaii, Florida, all over the freaking country.

There are threats that this is going to happen again before the inauguration. I would not be surprised.

In an article by The Nation, they provide a different look at the riots this week: the relationship between the Thin Blue Line people and the police.

A quote from that article that I believe should be published worldwide is this:

“This is not America,” a woman said to a small group, her voice shaking. She was crying, hysterical. “They’re shooting at us. They’re supposed to shoot BLM, but they’re shooting the patriots.”

I think she said the quiet part out loud. Oops!

I just don’t even know how to respond to that.

Believing in basic human rights makes you the enemy apparently.

Before I jump into the BLM versus the domestic terrorists argument, lets continue to look at the reactions of these Trump Supporters to the police.

From The Nation’s article:

Never mind the Blue Lives Matter paraphernalia, anti-police sentiment was commonplace. “The state troopers where I live are assholes,” I’d heard someone complain earlier. “They’re totally fucking our state.”

“Pigs!” “Is this what we get for backing the Blue?!” “You just lost the only people in this country who stand behind you!” “You serve Satan!”

So it was never really about the police was it? It was just about your absolute hate of black people.

Got it.

Continuing down this disgusting rabbit hole, lets examine the argument saying the everyone involved in the BLM protests over the summer, myself included, should be arrested since the domestic terrorists who desecrated and TRESPASSED in the United States CAPITOL BUILDING are being arrested.

That is an awful argument. And let me tell you why.

Fighting to end the discrimination of Black people is literally not the same as a coup attempt to place a dictator in charge of our country. Yes there were protests this summer, and yes there was some carnage, but in all of the PEACEFUL protests, no one violated a government building.

AND YET, because we were marching for Black Lives, people were shot, and hurt, and abused by police officers.

When the Trump supporters broke windows and trespassed into the capitol building, cops took SELFIES with them:

They opened gates and let them in:

When they brought zip ties to take prisoners, participated in mail theft, trespassed in a federal building, desecrated a national office, stole, AND MORE, the police didn’t do ANYTHING like what they did this summer.

US Capitol rioters spotted with ZIP TIES in shock pics suggesting 'plan to  take hostages'

Now I am TIRED of giving these people a platform like this, where we talk about them constantly for weeks on end and give them the publicity that they crave.

But we also HAVE to talk about this.

We have to realize why it is wrong and how it is deeply rooted in racism.

As I mentioned at the beginning, Donald Trump has been inciting violence for a very long time. This was only the natural progression.

He called them very special people after all.

It will happen again. This proves it.

Pay attention and call your representatives to kick him out of office so he does not get to enjoy any of the benefits of Presidency.

I am TIRED of the republicans going back and forth over him.

Supporting him one day and denying that support the next. I could do a whole other post about just that.

One beast at a time…

Election Reflection

71 million people. That is how many Americans voted for Trump. 71 million.

I keep seeing statistics that said, “Biden got the most votes ever!” While seeming to ignore that Trump got the second most votes?

Donald Trump got almost TEN MILLION MORE VOTES than he did in 2016. That is ridiculous.

Ten million more Americans decided to either turn a blind eye or formally accept that racism is acceptable. And what is worse, is that 55% of white women voted for Trump. That is more white women who voted for him than in 2016.

Source: The New York Times

What does that mean? It means I, as a white woman failed.

It means you (if you are a white person) failed.


We have failed to hold other white people, especially white women, accountable. This is my personal failure, and the failure of other liberal and progressive white women as well. You should feel this way too.

We as white people benefit from these racist, unjust systems. This is our fault, the blood has been split by us and its our duty to clean it up, no matter how we voted.

This is a self reflection call for us all. Did you have hard conversations with people who supported Trump, who support racists, who are racists themselves? Or did you ignore the problem for the sake of maintaining a friendship?

Source: @Chier.Dart

Racism is not something that you can just “disagree about” and remain friends. And a friendly reminder to any one who may claim that reverse racism exists, it. does. not.

People of color cannot be racist towards whites in a societal system that designed to SOLELY benefit white people. We, as white people, have NEVER experienced reverse racism, and we never will.

In a quote by @Futurafreedesign on instagram, “As soon as we begin to interrogate issues of racism, people get uncomfortable with it. If your default reaction to these discussions is to see white people as victims of reverse racism, educate yourself.”

A couple other things before I move on:

  1. Saying that you are “color blind” is not a good thing. That just means that race hasn’t been a factor in your life and you are ignoring the fact that it has been in someone else’s. Here, you are avoiding accountability for a world that does oppress people based on color.
  2. Saying that a black person is “threatening” translates to “black people scare me because they are different. Black men scare me because I instantly categorize them as criminals.” You are asserting that your whiteness is superior.
  3. White privileged means that the color of your skin has not made life difficult for you. You are actively benefiting from the racists systems in our world.
  4. You benefit by seeing your self represented on TV, you have better access to health care, you are not forced to learn about racism at a young age, you are never asked to speak as a representative of your racial group, you are a not a presidential debate question.
  5. The Karen memes aren’t sexists or racist
  6. When you, as a white person, say that violence isn’t the answer, you are ignoring the fact that marginalized groups are not often heard.

I have a little check list here for you to understand more about the privilege that you hold.

There is still PLENTY of work to be done under Joe Biden, and our momentum cannot slow. Joe Biden is not our saving grace. We must hold him accountable like we did Trump. We cannot stop showing up, we cannot stop having difficult conversations, we cannot stop the fight towards equality.

How do you have these difficult conversations? Well luckily, Jen Winston (@jenerous on Instagram who is a writer and speaker) created an info guide to discuss just that.

White people who consider ourselves liberal and progressive, we failed. Big time. The black voters and organizers, especially Stacy Abrams, carried our failure once again.

To end on a lighter note, I want to talk about the victories in this election.

  1. Joe Biden was elected president. While he is the lesser of two evils, I have great hope that progress will be made under his administration.
  2. All of the progressives running for office kept or gained their seat.
    1. Ilhan Omar, AOC, Cori Bush, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib
  3. Sarah McBride became the first openly transgender state senator
  4. Stephanie Byers was elected to the Kansas House of Representatives, making her the first openly transgender official elected in the state and the first Native trans person elected to any state legislature
  5. Michele Rayner-Goolsby was elected as the first Black queer woman as a state legislator in Florida
  6. Mondaire Jones, a Black gay man, will represent New York’s 17th district in the House of Representatives
  7. Taylor Small was elected as Vermont’s first transgender state legislator
  8. Shervrin Jones was elected as Florida’s first openly LGBTQ+ state senator
  9. Kim Jackson is the first LGBTQ+ person elected to the Georgia State Senate
  10. Mauree Turner is the first non-binary state lawmaker in the United States
  11. Jabari Brisport is the first LGBTQ+ person of color elected to the New York State Senate
  12. Nevada became the first state in the nation to protect same-sex marriage in its constitution
  13. Cori Bush became the first Black woman elected to congress from Missouri
  14. $15/hr minimum wage passed in Florida
  15. Austin passed funding for a metro rail system
  16. New Jersey, Arizona, Montana, and South Dakota legalized recreational marijuana
  17. Mississippi legalized medical marijuana
  18. Oregon decriminalized all drug possession and passed campaign finance reform
  19. Virginia voted to end partisan gerrymandering
  20. Two Minnesota cities and Boulder, Colorado passed rank choice voting
  21. Texas and Georgia are swing states
  22. Mississippi elected to change their state flag

These are just a sampling of the wins from the 2020 Presidential election. I hope they motivate you to move forward with your activism, big or small, to positively impact the community around you. Hold your friends and neighbors accountable. Don’t shy away from heavy conversation.

White people, do your part.

Let’s work for each other.