Election Day

Election day. It’s here. I feel like this has been a day we have talked about constantly the past four years. And now, we’re living it. I early voted weeks ago, as did 100 million other Americans, so today is odd. I keep posting about “go vote!” “make sure your voice is heard!”, but I am not voting today. I am positive that I am outspoken enough on my social media platforms that anyone who has opposing views does not follow me anymore and everyone who will see it has already decided.

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I think we often forget how we affect the rest of the world. As much as I like to talk about the fact that America is no longer the biggest player on the world stage (we aren’t, China is. And India is going to push us to third, hate to break it to ya), America still has an incredibly large global influence.

Remember the elections worldwide after the 2016 election? In case you don’t let me give you a refresher. Boris Johnson was elected. Y’know the goober who spearheaded Brexit? (Yes. I absolutely called Prime Minister Boris Johnson a goober, and I will do it again). In Brazil, President Bolsonaro was elected. ( I am currently out of creative, minor insults at the moment. May update when I have one). He is a champion of the conservative agenda and pretty much hates the environment. He has done absolute squat to help the Amazon survive. Plenty of other conservatives were elected to positions of power after Trump was, just google it.

So when we vote, we must remember that we are not only voting for ourselves but for the rest of the world AND the planet/environment.

Conservatism is outdated. It fails to keep up with the realities of our world, consistently denying what is right in front of its nose. It puts people at unnecessary risk, all for the sake of refusing to grow with the times, refusing to evolve, and refuting change.

This wave of conservatism has been DEADLY. 1.21 million people have died worldwide from Covid, 231,000 of those have been deaths within the United States. Poland passed a law outlawing abortions, ensuring back ally abortions will resume, endangering the lives of millions of women. Ohio, Georgia, Louisiana, and Missouri passed heartbeat bills (Iowa’s, Kentucky’s, and Mississippi’s were invalidated by the courts). With our new conservative court, and you all know my feelings on that, I fear that could happen in the United States as well.

So when we vote, we must remember that we are not only voting for ourselves but for the health of our friends, family, neighbors, and the rest of the world’s citizens.

These past four years have taught us a lot. Not just the obvious, that a celebrity Cheeto puff cannot be president. But, that we need to separate show business and politics. Just because it is called the world stage, doesn’t mean we need actors and show hosts parading around.

As much as everyone loves to talk about how they hate politicians, we need them. It is literally their job to understand government, to make connections with foreign governments, to handle the inter-workings of government.

We have also learned how desperately we need to rid ourselves of the electoral college. The founders of the United States created the electoral college because they thought that the regular citizen was too uneducated to understand government. So, it served as a fail-safe so that politicians could always end up choosing who would be the next president of the United States. We don’t need this now. Let the people choose the president by popular vote. Don’t make our votes mean less based on where we happen to live.

Our lives are at stake, our planet is at stake, our futures and our children’s futures are at stake. So I hope that you vote or have already voted. Unless you’re like me and your ballot got rejected :\. (I fought back against the decision, so it should end up being counted don’t worry).

But now you’ve voted, and you are riddled with election stress, don’t worry you are not alone. I’ve got some tips for de-stressing, and I thought I would share.

  1. Limit your social media time. Social media will be a mess today with people constantly talking about the election.
  2. Take a break from the news. If you live in a house like mine, the news is always on. Turn it off. Go for a walk, take a well-deserved break. We aren’t going to know the results for a while anyway.
  3. Drink water! Make sure you are staying hydrated, and you are taking care of yourself.
  4. Surround yourself with your loved ones. I know a lot of us are not near family right now (miss rona y’know), but call them, facetime them, zoom with them! Keep tabs on one another and make sure everyone is taking care of themselves.
  5. Go to the grocery store. Depending on where you live, there is a high possibility of unrest no matter which candidate wins. Make sure you have what you need so you can stay safe inside in case the outside isn’t.
  6. Keep hope that progress can still happen regardless of the results. Maintaining hope might be hard but necessary.
  7. Play with your pets. Your pet will always love this, and petting them will help regulate your stress levels.

Those are just some tips I found that I thought I would share. Meditating, journaling, and breathing exercises help as well.

This post has been absolutely all over the place, but I have a lot of thoughts and feelings.

I’ve seen this quote floating around Instagram and thought I would end with it:

Vote as if your skin is not white, your parents need medical care, your spouse is an immigrant, your land is on fire, your child is transgender, your house is flooded, your sister is a victim of gun violence, your brother is gay, and your water is unsafe. Privilege has no place in an election, but empathy does.

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