KD and ACB

Kappa Delta, an organization I am a member of, posted this on their Instagram story:

It was up for about an hour or so before they took it down.

Shortly after Kappa Delta took down the story post, they posted this:

The post was soon flooded with comments by Kappa Delta members who disagreed with the way Kappa Delta handled the situation.

Why is this an issue? Is it a problem that Kappa Delta acknowledged that Amy Coney Barret (ACB) is a Kappa Delta?

It is not a problem that Kappa Delta acknowledged it. The issue lies with how they handled it, what they said, and the fact they tried to cover it up as if nothing happened. They said in their original post that they remain “nonpartisan”; and in their follow up post, they said that women are supposed to empower each other. What a way to try to brush aside the comments that criticized them. Celebrate women. Do not hide behind false pretenses. 

We can recognize that a woman’s accomplishments are her own while also acknowledging that what she intends to do with those accomplishments hurts members of our organization. Kappa Delta is supposed to stand for female empowerment and to strive for what is honorable, beautiful, and highest. Supporting this woman who aims to tear down other women in the name of religion and her own personal beliefs is not honorable, despite whatever title she may hold.

Amy Coney Barrett does not empower other women. It is one thing to try to be a nonpartisan organization, but women’s rights should not be something that is ascribed to one political party or the other. Kappa Delta says it stands for the betterment of women, but it cannot even upload a permanent post about the truth. Supporting someone who is not for the betterment of women, while Kappa Delta claims to be, is ridiculously hypocritical.

Honestly, I expected better. 

I have my issues with sororities. In fact, I almost did not join one. But KD has given me new friends and fun college experiences. However, the way they went about this disgusts me and makes me wonder if I made the right choice. The fact that my name is tied to an organization that upholds a woman who threatens the rights and lives of its members does not sit well with me. 

How should Kappa Delta have handled this? Honestly, I do not know. If it were me, I wouldhave fully recognized ACB’s history with the organization but address the fact that she no longer represents what Kappa Delta stands for. Political parties do not have to be mentioned, but it needs to be said that Kappa Delta does not condone the ability of a woman to crush other Women.

Reproductive rights are not something to take lightly. They are an essential of a so-called empowered woman. In fact, they are so essential, it is an essential tenet of UN Women, an organization within the UN that is dedicated to the empowerment of women.

It has been a week since Kappa Delta posted anything on their Instagram.

The other night, this came up again, which is what got me thinking about it. There is a swag swap Facebook group for Kappa Delta, where you can buy clothing and merch from one another. Someone posted a message that asked if anyone was interested in buying shirts that said, “Kappa Deltas support Amy Coney Barrett.” I was pleasantly surprised at the number of Kappa Deltas who spoke up to say why supporting this woman was problematic. Others bit back, saying that we should support sisters no matter what and that not supporting ACB is not upholding Kappa Delta”s values. It was concerning the number of people who agreed with that, given what Kappa Delta is supposed to represent.

I did not know when I signed up to be a member of Kappa Delta, that I would have to blindly support people and not them accountable for their actions. Amy Coney Barrett is going to hurt womxn and people with uteruses. Those are people who are in our Kappa Delta family.

Why would you try and uphold this one woman who will harm you and everyone else in your organization? For me, I cannot comprehend it. She will strip us of essential rights, rights that I hold very dear to me. She seeks to steal the autonomy of my body. She seeks to undermine minority communities.

I cannot understand how a woman could rip basic human rights from another woman (and HERSELF).

This is not the first time Kappa Delta has had a member in the middle of political controversy.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, who accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, is a Kappa Delta.

Most women who are a part of the organization have no idea, because Kappa Delta did not say anything about it. They withheld support from her because they claim to be nonpartisan.

Supporting women in the face of adversity is not political. Dr. Ford was upholding the Kappa Delta tenets by acting honorably; Kappa Delta ignored her. KD says it is supposed to empower women. Where was the empowerment with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford? Why does Amy Coney Barrett get the support that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford needed? Why now?

I need to hold the organizations I am a part of accountable for their actions, and you should too. By not saying anything further on Amy Coney Barrett, Kappa Delta has made a political statement with their silence. For an organization that prides itself on its commitment to women, it is failing.

I am embarrassed by this organization.

This is not what I thought Kappa Delta stood for. If they do not say anything soon, I guess I was mistaken.

If you are enraged by the hypocrisy that is the Kappa Delta organization, here’s a petition to sign:


3 Replies to “KD and ACB”

    1. It is incredible the clairvoyance present in today’s society. I only could hope to read someone’s mind, much less be able to read what they will possess it it in years to come. Must be empowering!


  1. Thank you for posting this. The misrepresentation of what they stand for is sad. You may not believe in all things someone says or do, but you should always believe in their right to express. Especially if that is the focus of your organization.

    Liked by 1 person

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