Check out this article!

Hello everyone!
Today, I just wanted to share an incredibly interesting article I found that really goes into the topic of climate migrants. Its from the New York Times by Abrahm Lustgarten who is a senior environmental reporter for ProPublica. Lustgarten tends to specialize on the intersection of business, climate, and energy. Actually, ProPublica and the New York Times formed a partnership for this series of articles.

It is the first article in a two part series on climate migrants. This one looks at the issue internationally, and the other looks at it in the context of the United States. I found this to be one of the most comprehensive, yet fascinating articles on this topic and wanted to share.

Leave a message below and let me know your thoughts! I am curious if you find this as fascinating and as heart breaking as I do. It really served as a call to action for me. It shows that people really do need my help. I might be trying to fix a sinking ship, but better to work to the end than to bail out and let others die, am I right?

Anyways, off the depressing note, I’ll be back this weekend with a more standard blog post.

Will it be more about climate migrants? Or will it be about the second week of me living with my geriatric cat? We’ll see which infuriates me more in the next few days.

See you soon.

One Reply to “Check out this article!”

  1. It doesn’t seem right to say this was a great article. but it is. It’s just a very tough subject and is very sad. Thank you for sharing.


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