I think introductions are in order…


Hi and welcome to my new blog! 

I’ve always considered starting a blog, and my mom has always wanted me to do it. So, I indulged her, listened to some advice from friends, and decided to jump right in.

My name is Emily. I am midwest born and raised, aside from a small stint in South Carolina my freshman year of college and a few years on the West Coast, and I am currently living in Chicago. I am an undergraduate at Loyola University Chicago in my junior year, studying Environmental Studies and double minoring in Political Science and Global & International Studies. Environmental studies, for those who are unfamiliar, “combines a solid base of courses in the natural sciences with course work in the social sciences to prepare students for careers in government, business, education, non-profit organizations or the media. These students have strong interests in environmental policies; the relationships of those policies to local, national and international politics; issues of environmental ethics & advocacy; social change and its relationship to social justice; the history of human interaction with the environment; and the portrayal of nature in art and literature, ” according to the Institute of Environmental Sustainability at Loyola

Usually, after people ask what my major means, they ask, “Well, what do you want to do with that?” Well, I want to go into Global Health. No, not pandemic management, though we do desperately need that. I want to work with climate migrants in less developed nations. Climate migrants are people who are displaced because of the disastrous effects of the climate crisis. They are forced to leave their homes and migrate to urban centers. These urban centers become completely overpopulated. Diseases runs ramped as they do not have the infrastructure needed to control the outbreaks. I want to implement environmentally friendly public health programs to help curb these issues.

Lofty and specific goals, I know. 

This blog is a place I am going to document my journey into global health and the next phases of my education, but it will also be a place for me to document things happening in my life and to share what comes next.

13 Replies to “I think introductions are in order…”

  1. Hi Emily! I enjoyed reading your introduction, your mom must very wise! Good luck with this new endeavor, I believe you will do very well. I look forward to seeing where this, and life, takes you….

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  2. Emily,
    Congrats on starting your blog. You did a fantastic job introducing yourself.
    I’m so impressed with what you want to do post graduation. The youth of today will be making the world a better place tomorrow!!

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